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        What color is my cancer ribbon?

All Cancers Lavender
Bladder Cancer Yellow
Brain Cancer Grey
Breast Cancer Pink
Cervical Cancer Teal & White
Childhood Cancer Gold
Colon Cancer Dark Blue
Esophageal Cancer Periwinkle
Eye Cancer Green
Head and Neck Cancer Burgundy & White
Kidney Cancer Orange
Leiomyosarcoma Purple
Leukemia Orange
Liver Cancer Emerald
Lung Cancers White
Lymphoma Lime
Melanoma Black
Mesothelioma Royal Blue
Multiple Myeloma Burgundy
Ovarian Cancer Teal
Pancreatic Cancer Purple
Prostate Cancer Light Blue
Sarcoma / Bone Cancer Yellow
Stomach Cancer Periwinkle
Testicular Cancer Orchid
Thyroid Cancer Teal, Blue, and Pink
Uterine Cancer Peach
Honors Caregivers Plum